5 Most Powerful Tools- An SEO Specialist Must Be Using

When it appears to search engine optimization (SEO), you will perpetually find different ideas and viewpoints on how adequately to go about it.

There is no discussion concerning the significance of SEO in internet marketing now. While large companies now hold an online appearance, many of their websites have lower ROI.

It is no surprise several online marketers yet demands it is unlikely to work out what search engines need. Traditionally, all you required was a wonderful website to commence ranking for your target keywords, but with search algorithm updates, you have to rethink your SEO strategy. Utilizing SEO tools, for example, has become an excellent method to leverage the advantages of SEO without falling foul of webmaster guidelines.

Leveraging SEO for Better ROI

Well, you have to look at the numbers to admit that SEO is the holy grail of internet marketing. If you still don’t have the motivation to spend on SEO, then it is the high-time to traverse what you could be avoiding. For a source, most online experiences start with a search engine, and this indicates your website must rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs). 78% of internet users don’t review beyond the first page of SERPS. If your website is not standing on this page for ranking keywords, your target audience will never find you. It is now a fact that search is the #1 driver of traffic to websites hitting social media by over 300%.

If you’re seeming to increase growth, enhance traffic, and boost your brand online, it is important to use a highly qualified SEO expert. These SEO specialists have the experiences and sources wanted to move out an SEO project of any quantity. More importantly, they get to know the modern SEO developments, and your website will constantly stay ahead of the competition.


With an SEO expert working on your site, you are guaranteed of minimum downtime and technological glitches. Through 24/7 monitoring, any obstacles are diagnosed early and employed. Truth to be said, SEO is not easy considering that Google relies on over 1200 signals to ascertain to rank. To keep up, you necessitate an extremely experienced SEO specialist on your side.

Quick Tools the Best SEO Experts Use

The SEO business is fast-paced, and you necessitate means to encourage you to keep up. Performing everything manually is now outdated and if you are seeing for an SEO consultant for your site, you need to assure they are leveraging available tools for better outcomes. When interviewing potential SEO specialists, check whether they will be using some of the following highly effective SEO tools for better outcomes.

  1. Google Analytics: If you require to stay at the leading of the competition then you need to leverage the potential of information. Google analytics gives an in-depth analysis of a different variety of metrics, from bounce rates, several visitors, best-performing sites or (competitive sites), and visitor location amongst many other issues. If you desire to know how guests are socializing with your website, this is a tool your SEO specialist must use.
  2. Google Search Console: Google has spent massively on increasing user experience on its search engine. This is why its SEO tools rank deeply and Google Search Console is among the best. This is a dashboard that assists you to imagine how your site may look in search engine. You also get crawling errors and the best of all recommendations on how to get things better.
  3. Google Keyword Planner: Keyword research persists a significant part of SEO projects and to make the best results, you should use Keyword Planner. Once you implement a seed word, you will receive multiple ideas to get your project going.
  4. Moz: This is a package of SEO tools that every SEO specialist should be practicing. There are some inbound marketing tools including Open Site Explorer for link analysis, Moz Local for local SEO, and Mozbar, a browser toolbar to get to Moz’s key characteristics on a page. All these tools will help assess your site’s performance, experience the competition, and also find the best keywords to utilize.
  5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool: This is a different valuable site evaluation tool. It is a web crawler that provides you important data on every URL.


There are other SEO tools worth naming includes Bing Webmaster Tools,, SEMrush, and Google Trends among others. These tools will no doubt increase your SEO battle. Your SEO specialist will utilize these tools together with their expertise to come up with a comprehensive strategy for your SEO project.

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