Are you fed up and thinking "how can I get clients?" You know what, it is one of the most common questions that keep asked by new freelance writers and with superior reason: What follows is an overview of the most distinct ways you can connect with prospective clients online and offline. Due to the digital nature of your work, it's quite easy to focus your marketing and new business acquisition efforts online.

Here in this blog post, you'll grasp how to get clients online and you'll no longer have to go out for the schmoozing, networking, cold-calling for the businesses or the running expensive adverts. You'll be more capable to attain constant steam of the targeted clients who just aspire to work with you conversing with you. Well, one of the major advantages of doing business online is the almost unbridled access to the new leads. The tough part is optimizing your search efforts and coming up with ideas on getting clients online.

In these days and times, hitting up the web may be the most superior way to attain new clients regardless of the industry you're in. The almighty Internet supports you save a ton of time since you no longer have to run around attending meetings, conferences, and other business events.

There's plenty of fish to grab in this digital and colossal sea, however, the fish have grown to become active and cleverer, so you have to opt your netting the spot carefully, as well as use modern tools and desirable bait if you don't want to come up empty-handed. The following six methods are ones you can implement immediately to earn clients online without spamming them- no tech expertise required. Let's dive in and know the  9 ways to get clients online:

1. Answer questions on Quora:

Find questions on Quora in your industry, and scribble thoughtful answers. Fill out your profile and link to your website, so people can attain more about you. Be accurate, confident & assured to not just spam your website, around Quora. Rather, strengthen up the connections with people and be neighborly. Myriads of people search for the answers on Quora (and most questions are massively indexed in Google) which carries traffic and visibility to your replies.

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Here, you can commence this strategy by answering a single question in a day, or a few per week. You'll be amazed at the acknowledgments and connections/relationships you'll build up in the community.

2. Host an online workshop:

The days of bestowing off a certificate or a degree on the wall are over. The superior things you can do to illustrate you are the right expert to work with is to supplement the value to your actual and targeted audience. Within 45 minutes, an online workshop allows you an opportunity to educate, entertain, and inspire people so that they know why you are (or aren't) the accurate and fit for them to work with.

If you are not sure what topics to cover, consider the questions you are most frequently asked and/or how you’re ideal client group's most common costly mistakes. At the end of the workshop, you can invite them to continue attaining with you in your coaching plans.

3. Utilize industry networking sites:

Virtually each and every industry has networking sites that cite the community together. These sites are a great strategy to mushroom your brand and land new clients.

Now, If you're a designer, make sure you have a profile on






If you’re a developer, be active on


Stack Overflow

If you focus on marketing and writing, dive into the conversations on

Growth Hackers


Reddit marketing

We personally know several people who receive client inquiries from Dribbble and GrowthHackers, just for uploading work or engaging in the discussions.

4. Guest Blogging:

The other one to get online clients is through guest blogging, which is the superior opportunity to simply represent yourself or your brand out there and tap into a new audience, whose members may twirl up into future customers. It's highly significant to make your pitch appealing to the website's owner.

And you must fit in with the site's profile whilst raising an ample interest in your brand to win new customers.

5. Develop an E-book:

Here, begetting a well-defined content marketing strategy in place is always a surpassing way to attain clients online. One content piece that promises to get people's consciousness and position you as a specialist is an eBook. What makes it so engaging is that usually, it grants evergreen content, solves an issue, or forms some other value.

Once you develop and write an eBook, you can commence taking emails of people who download it and market it to them in the future. And this procedure fully recommends you to generate quality leads interested in what you have to say.

6. Stay expanding your network:

Initiating your current network is a way to get your feet thoroughly wet, but it won't supply you with an unfathomable source of new leads. You have to increase and establish new relationships or associations. This here is another grassroots method for accomplishing new clients many may be overlooking.

Here, we know you're already on LinkedIn and Facebook - why not join relevant groups there? Additionally, look for professional sites in your business niche and become an association member there. Whatever investment or venture you may have organized for the future, it will be more convenient to accomplish your goal with the help and support of the people you've built relationships with.

7. Partner with agencies:

Partnering with an agency is the most preferred method to lead with new clients. We have used this specific way and built a connection with an agency that conveys us at least a single client in a month. We also make sure the agency is more extensive than our consultancy, so we're competing. Usually, when an agency spins down a prospective client, they'll commit the client to a new company in their network. That's where you come in. We've reached out to a dozen or so the web agencies with a personalized email proffering to partner or take on any commitment they pass up.

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We've endured many of the acknowledgments from about half and set up the phone calls with each to consider further. We would usually email the person in charge of business development since they were concentrated on forming relationships with outside merchants.

8. Write a guide:

Here, the guide is a more superior place to distribute your guides along with your network and on the social channels. By creating a guide is the most proven strategy to drive and gain more traffic and capture leads and become an authority on a particular topic.

9. Have an SEO strategy:

SEO (search engine optimization) is a more prominent long-term approach to drive targeted traffic to your partnerships or your business website. Here, you won't see overnight results with SEO, but with a sound strategy in place, you can drive traffic over time and simply convert the visitors into paying clients. Classifying a target audience is the core element of any promotional campaign. So it’s only logical to start hunting for new SEO clients with a firm understanding of who they are. Failing to identify your target audience means you’re at risk of going after the wrong people, ultimately wasting time and effort, and missing out on some really good prospects.

To make sure you're reaching out to the right people, you need to decide on the type of brands you want to pitch your SEO services to. When it comes to big brands, they will most probably have a separate person who’s responsible for all SEO activities. As a rule, this person is a Digital Marketing Director, SEO Manager, Head of SEO, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, etc. Speaking of SMEs (small to medium enterprises), the right person to reach out to will have a title like Founder, Co-Founder, etc.

Final Words

These are the most beneficial strategies for getting new clients online, but we want to hear & understand from you. What strategies do you use to land new clients? What tools and resources are helpful? Have you handled some of these strategies before? What worked and what didn’t? Based on this knowledge, you should find the accurate communities to find them, fall them with a free SEO report and recommendations.

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