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Flex in CSS

The flex property is the shorthand for the flex-grow, flex-shrink and flex-basics property. Some of you might be wondering what is this series. Well, today, this series is going to be about what is flex, how do FlexBox properties work and the major feature of the Flexbox.

See, it might be harder to learn the flexbox properties but once you begin learning thoroughly you will get the entire FlexBox series in a short span of time. Also by the end of this blog, you can call yourself as a pro in using flexbox. We at paradise will try to accommodate you the in-off examples about the FlexBox in real life scenarios, how you can use them in mobile and web environment. Let’s initiate to learn thoroughly.

What is FlexBox?

Now we know, many of you are still wondering what is this flexbox? Is it a new tech to design apps or to tech to design websites. Well, will tell you Flexbox is just a CSS. The flexbox is just recognized as a flexible box.  It is a way to set one-dimensional layouts and grids.

The flexible- box was designed as the one-dimensional set for the layouts. It is pretty easy and simple to use. CSS flexbox provides web authors with control over how the elements are positioned, aligned and sized within their container. Look at its properties that its container contains.

How do FlexBox properties work?

Basically, the flex CSS properties specify the basic components of the flexible length. It works on an axis grid. Flex can change the width, height and they work with its properties that mainly defines how to size the flex items, how to wrap at the same time and to which they go in. Look at the major properties of flexbox in the below points:

  • Flex-grow
  • Flex-shrink
  • Flex-basics
  • Auto
  • None
  • Initial
  • Inherit
  • Child properties
  • Parent properties

Features & Advantages of FlexBox

Mainly, Flexbox can be laid in any direction like downwards, upwards, rightwards and so the leftwards. It holds the display order reversed or rearranged at the style layer that is the visual order can be independent of source & the speech order. Flexbox considered as the flexible container as we have mentioned in the above section. So it can be aligned with respect to their container or each other. Another primary feature is that it can be dynamically collapsed or uncollapsed along with the main axis while maintaining the container’s cross size. Below, look at its major advantages.


Flex solves most of the major issues but its own implementation remains a colossal issue in some of the browsers. Flexbox provides a more efficient way of organizing and organizing the boxes at the same time. Try to get its significant terms and properties and we are sure it would be more helpful to you.