How Marketers Are Using Chatbots to Increase Sales

How Marketers Are Using Chatbots to Increase Sales

How Marketers Are Using Chatbots to Increase Sales

Are you looking for chatbots ideas, just to increase sales? Have you ever wondered about implementing chatbots in your business? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at why marketers use chatbots, what they can be used for, and most importantly, four tips for how to make them part of your marketing strategy.

Why marketers are using chatbots?

If you are a business owner, then the chatbots can be a great way to outsourcing your business in a colossal AI market. Chatbots have become so popular among businesses and keep enhancing & transforming the way trade markets interact with their customers, and especially when the chatbot is of higher quality, however, such alterations are so positive. Chatbots are so unique because they not only run the communication but also engage with your customers, moreover they also retain them.

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This means that unlike other forms of marketing, chatbots keep your customers entertained for longer. For instance, let's say you catch your audience's attention with a video. While this video may be extremely engaging, once it ends, it doesn't have much more to offer.

The products of chatbot allow you to conduct conversational marketing by implementing a piece of code onto your website or landing page that enables a chat interface to appear. The free versions of chatbots seldom allow for any of the flashy artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of their outrageous counterparts so you are manual if you aren't willing to pay.

Moreover, they store a myriad of customer data such as past purchase history and buying habits over time. The next time, the same customer visits the market or store, the data is employed to render a seamless user experience and convert them more efficiently.  

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Ways of Chatbot that can fit into your Digital marketing strategy

Here, chatbots are mainly designed to simply complement your website and the presence of your social media, having scripted conversations with possible leads to support in solving common concerns and forge strong relationships. They also support businesses to generate and nurture more relevant leads, collect the superior data and improve their sales potential. Chat for marketing is a strategy for getting customers interested in your product or service through human-like conversation. A marketing chatbot accommodates companies to stay connected with customers, streamline service processes, and simply enhances profitability.  

Business owners or partners must be informed of the strategies only for their marketing purposes. In this section, we are going to share some of the strategies for you all. Let's devour one by one:

Communicate with website users

This is one of the most common and necessitated actions performed by bots, which holds a myriad of benefits. You know what, when visitors come to the website, they need answers regarding products or other services. If there are no answers, then the visitors leave forever. Helping potential customers is a priority, but it can be difficult if you have small customer support and sales team. This is where bots can be needed and saved. Set up the bot to stimulate live chat and communicate with the customers. Moreover, it may come as a surprise that customers like to chat.  

Organize your team

Here, when we utter "Marketing strategy" oftentimes we think about things like "Search Engine Optimization" FB ads, plus the blog posts. The performance of the team does not usually come to mind, but it is one of the most crucial parts of the marketing strategies unless you are an individual entrepreneur. In organizable the team, there are always unavoidable conflicts in a while. If everyone is on the same wavelength, this will deduct the amount of time, resistance and support the coordinated work or performances.

Moreover, bots like SlackBot

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and Nikabot

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forges the organizations more cohesive, specifically if you hold remote workers among you.

Such bots completely support keep track of what people on your organizations or firms are doing and keep everyone updated. The best projects, that we have ever worked on are due to excellent communication within the organization. Despite whether you are a large or a small one, you should always on enhancing it.

Integrate bots into messenger platforms

That is where they manifest themselves in all their reputations. Chatbots are the most popular on messaging platforms. And that makes a lot of sense. After all, most of the bots are designed to communicate with your customers. In general, many bots are available for slack and facebook messenger.

The bots are so great for the backstage company use. Facebook messenger bots are quite superior to likely customers.

Social media chatbots

Chatbots are completely regarded as a potent device to change the core of social media marketing itself by alternating the accurate meaning of engagement. As opposed to the major and the traditional concepts of online advertising wherein engagement refers to playing a video or an ad click, engaging with a bot is essentially about holding an accurate conversation with a human-sounding bot.  

The WhatsApp bot now using for marketing purposes as well. Whatsapp bots for the businesses help to increase the sales as well. Here, you can simply promote your business-level wherever you desire to do. Now as we all know, the chatbots are computer programs that are simply integrated into the messaging apps that are capable of mimicking human-like communication. Moreover, they're simple and rule-based programs that can answer the most common questions or programs equipped with deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that can adapt to customer behavior. Although many businesses haven't commenced using chatbots yet or even heard of them for that matter, there are those who are already reaping the advantages of this marketing tool.

Let's dive and the leading chatbots that are used for some specific and meaningful messages and those which dispatch useful messages, such as, WhatsApp messenger, Hike messenger, Skype, and Facebook messenger and so on.


If we talk about skype chatbots, then, a Microsoft product, unfurled its APIs at the end of 2016. Microsoft made a serious of big and crucial announcements around several of their products, brands, and services. The developers from all around the World could now create chatbots on this platform. Skype for business is the chosen enterprise instant messaging (IM) and Unified Communications (UC) platform for a zillion of business worldwide. It, in fact, relishes the enormous market share in this space.

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Skype Bot
Though, as a messaging platform, Skype for Business does not recommend bots out of the box. All after our contemporary and uncommonly successful launch of MeshBot which is an Enterprise Intranet Bot for SharePoint, and it is available as an implanted experience within a corporate intranet we determined to upgrade the scene for Skype for businesses & for the manufacturers too.


If we talk about the WhatsApp chat bot then it is a service powered by the rules and sometimes artificial intelligence that runs on a WhatsApp platform. The users converse with a chatbot all via the chat interface, like how they would chat with a real person.    

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WhatsApp chatbot is the colossal platform for marketing the products, services, and other brands. WhatsApp marketing is emerging so quickly that anyone creates a new startup whatever they were looking for.


Facebook messenger is a piece of automated messaging software that uses Artificial Intelligence directly to converse with people. Chatbots are programmed to grasp questions, provide answers, and execute the tasks.  

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In today's world, the messenger bots of facebook are transforming businesses. They've changed the entire marketing game. And they use the enormous power for whatever business you're in all according to your field. In this article or blog post, we'll tell you exactly how to use bots for business purposes. Now, if you don't have knowledge about using Messenger bots in business, you're good. And if you know a lot, that's also a cool thing. Here, this article will take you from neophyte to savant, proffer you with comprehensive awareness and the more tactical skills.

All in All

Your business doesn't have to be the size of Facebook to initiate by using Chatbots. You'll attain a huge engagement if you give it a shot- specifically when you use a chatbot software that permits you to supplement customized welcome messages, on-session personalization and more.  

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