Landing Page SEO


Landing Page SEO
A Beginners Guide to Create & Use Traffic Driven landing Pages

Have you ever heard about a ‘landing page’? Have you implemented it with one yet?

If you haven’t yet, then let’s explore in today’s’ blog something about the ‘landing page‘. What a landing page is, how it works and what your options are for getting started with them.

What is a Landing Page?

So basically, In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page that turns the visitors into leads. Usually, the landing page will display directed sales copy that is a relevant extension of the particular advertisements and other search results or links.  The landing pages are usually used for the lead generation. The actions of a visitor’s page take directly on a landing page and that determines an appropriate advertiser’s business growth or can increase conversion rates.

They usually improve brand awareness and can grow your email list. It’s a web page purposely constructed to help you convert visitors to your site into leads because it renders you with the means for capturing an email address.

And when it comes to a landing page vs website, your website is your intact online primary impression, while your landing page is only one part of that impression; your handshake, greeting, or smile.

You need both to make your online first impression really shine. In some circumstances, a website may be more efficient than a landing page, and vice-versa. In this section, we’ll go through some of the most popular circumstances you might be admiring about when it comes to choosing between a landing page vs the website.

Why & When should we use landing pages?

If we talk about using the landing pages, then the answer would be quite short because they help to increase the conversion rates and simultaneously lessens the cost of acquiring a lead or sale. Landing pages hold a myriad of advantages as well, in the later section we’ll discuss some of its benefits as well.

The main reason for using landing pages is that targeted promotion or product-specific landing pages are mainly focused on a particular objective or a single objective that instantly meets the main intent of the ad that your visitors merely clicked on to reach your page.

You should try to use a landing page for every inbound advertising campaign you perform. You might be trading multiple products or setting up promotional suggestions for distinct user sections and your homepage can’t deal with this level of information differentiation. The style and effectiveness of your inbound marketing will also diversify according to the source (PPC, email, organic, social media, display banners), so you should try and render a consistent experience to each input to the conduit.

So, how do landing pages work?

Now, if you are unaware of what landing pages actually render us then it is essential to realize that they provide everyone with something valuable things. You as a business owner for generating brand new active leads that will help the visitor to gain access to the special offer you are making available.

Such pages include landing page templates or lead page form through a visitor will fill out an information-catching form on that landing page because they believe what you will confer them access to will be more worthy to them. In that case, it’s a win-win situation.

You know what, landing pages aren’t easily stumbled upon when a website visitor tries to browse your website. Rather, you land on them just by clicking or typing in a link to a particular offer. Landing pages operate best when they are clearly distinguished from other website pages. And you might recognize them simply via:

• URL – with something like, or

• Domain – with something like

Landing Pages Best Practices

Let’s know something about the top 10 landing pages best practices.

Reduce your attention ratio

  1. Use Interactive, Intelligent and Intuitive Forms
  2. Optimize for motivation and then for the ability
  3. Increase Scarcity & Urgency
  4. Write a call to value not call to actions
  5. Create pages to boost up your pages’ relevancy
  6. Avoid background videos
  7. Combine two types of social proof
  8. Spelling and Grammar matter a lot
  9. Tackle with the objections before the user think‌s of them

Landing Pages Examples

What do you think does beauty matter? Well, when it comes to landing pages designing form, then it can definitely influence how your offer is perceived. We are going to provide you some of the most reliable samples that would be definitely helpful in creating landing pages.


2. Unbounce


3. Snapchat


4. Contently


5. MuleSoft


6. HubSpot


Free Landing Page Templates



5 Major Benefits of Landing Pages

Landing pages have special advantages that set them apart from a business website and make them a powerful lead generating and marketing tool. Your business website provides various paths to take while landing pages accommodate a more specific action. This specificity is the driving force behind landing pages. In this post, we’ll go over five benefits of landing pages for your business. Look at them:

  1. Great Landing Pages: Boosts SEO
  2. Great Landing Pages: Creates anticipation for new stuff
  3. Great Landing Pages: Increasing Conversion rates by default
  4. Great Landing Pages: Provides Credibility
  5. Great Landing Pages: Co-branded Affiliate opportunities
  6. Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, what is a landing page? It’s a way to direct website traffic toward the desired action. Without landing pages, you can’t target your audience nearly as narrowly. The team paradise hope this tutorial will help you through the landing pages journey!