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The Major Benefits & Drawbacks of Home Working Employees

The wide blanket of coronavirus has been steadily enveloping us which is now becoming more terrible to save ourselves from this dangerous virus. Everything in our lives is going swayed precariously. Each activity, our daily routines or schedules come under this, in the extensive layer of this coronavirus.

Its already been half of the year facing coronavirus, keep driving our daily lives throughout this pandemic. The spread of home working is opening up a new realm of opportunities for the way corporations can manage and structure themselves. The new opportunities and privileges, working from home cause new liabilities for the employer, employee, and so for the apprentices or who’s gonna inaugurate their new ventures or start-ups.

The Tech Headaches of Working From Home and How to Remedy Them - The New  York Times

There are a plethora of advantages for workers, too, including better work/life balance, greater control over the working environment, and the ability to make your own lunch in your own kitchen, to name just a few.

Unhappily, there are some shortcomings to telecommuting – individual just don’t serve to be as vocal about them.

Now look at the major privileges we are getting whilst working from home:

With an immense scope of employees working from home holds the major privileges working from home such as:

  • Enhanced employee retention – Working from home can help retain employees with an otherwise long periodic commute.
  • Way to a wider pool of applicants – We can take an instance, such as those from more geographically remote areas, or people who may prefer to work from home.
  • Feasible productivity profits– It occurs due to fewer interruptions, allowing more focused work.
  • Elevated staff motivation-Having a better work/life balance.
  • Business privileges– Maintenance of office space and other types of equipment.
  • Freedom– The capacity to locate sales staff near clients wider than on your premises.
  • Better work/life viewpoint-The employees working from home can lead to enhancements in fitness and well-being.


Here are the Drawbacks of employees working from home:

Though there are some shortcomings to workers working at home, most of these associates to those working from home for all, as opposed to part, of their working week:

  • Difficulty monitoring performance – There could be difficulty managing home workers and monitoring their performance. See effectively manage employees who work from home.
  • Cost of working from home -The initial costs of training and providing proper facilities, including adaptations to meet health and safety measures.
  • Problems with staff development – Here comes the trouble of maintaining staff development and upgrading abilities.
  • Information security risk -The problems like information security could be more inclined to occur.
  • Increased telecommunications costs – Here we can take an instance, such as an increase in communications or broadband bills or the condition to supply your employee with a mobile phone for work plans.
  • Communication problems – This could increase awareness of isolation amongst home workers.
  • Lowered staff morale – It can be more difficult to sustain the team spirit when employees are working at different locations.
  • Not all jobs suit home working – Homeworking suits some jobs better than others. Equivalently, working from home suits some personality types but not others. Some personalities may favor co-worker contact by face to face conversation.

Bottom Line:

A turn towards home working doesn’t anticipate employees have to work only at home. Regularly by dividing the hours between home and the workplace is the most productive solution and you may want the homeworker to attend meetings to keep them fully occupied and informed.

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