Unique Strategies Every SEO Expert Should Prioritize in 2020

Unique Strategies Every SEO Expert Should Prioritize in 2020
Every new day affects new challenges in an online marketer’s line of work. Even as these new challenges emerge, there is no denying that the only way to achieve your internet marketing objectives is by staying abreast of search engine optimisation (SEO) changes.


SEO is very volatile, and as a marketer, you have to be proactive to beat your competition. This means planning, budgeting, and continuously strategising on how best to stay ahead of the game.

Are you still wondering how best to boost click-through-rate, then it is time to determine which SEO strategies are trending. As a marketer, knowing these trends will lead you on your SEO project.  You have to recognise that while you might be going with an experienced SEO expert, understanding of this industry boosts the business, presenting it more productive.

Following are some of the amazing trends in the SEO industry, and they should encourage your conclusions in the next marketing campaign.

When speaking to your SEO specialist, ensure you confirm they have the skills and resources to use these strategies. Here you go:

1- Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP)

When Google sneezes, the SEO world overtakes a cold and for many great causes. With control of over 62% of the search market, there is every reason for the internet world to watch what the search giant is doing keenly. This is one cause every SEO consultant should get more insight into Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project (AMP).

approved-a4a-demo-gif-with-callout – The AMP Blog

The project has been in the headlines lately, but most SEO specialists have been managing it carefully.  The entire design by Google is to introduce a new standard for building mobile website content, thus building a better mobile web for users. Pages produced with AMP are slighter and load speedily.

While many SEOs are using AMP as a fad, Adam Greenberg an official at the company, states Google now links to AMP pages in all search results. Hence, it is important to choose AMP in your SEO tact for many goals. Take a look:

  • Sufficient user involvement via optimal speeds – One thing internet users dislike is slow loading speed which raises bounce rates. With Google AMP content, it is now likely to resolve the slow speed problem. AMP pages load 30X quicker than non-AMP pages.
  • Better ranking and improved click-through-rate (CTR) – AMP pages work greatly in search engine result pages (SERPs) for target keywords. Better still, your website will experience enhanced CTR. You can now leverage AMP as an early adopter by installing the official AMP WordPress (WP) plugin. Once you create an AMP page, make sure you verify it and enable AMP stats on your Google Analytics to see how the new strategy is working out.

2- Linking Still Rules

Are now wondering whether link building is worth your time and money? Well, trust the naysayers to come up with apparently positive proof about their rights. According to experts, anyone who commands links are not mandatory anymore is senseless. This statement should settle all difficulties you had about link building for your 2020 SEO marketing campaign. Google has over 200 ranking factors, and according to specialists, links feature prominently in the list. Some of the thoughts you need to concentrate on when building links involve:

  • Quality – Only get external links from reliable and well-known news references and educational journals as exposed to the common blog in your niche.
  • Number of external links – The more links you have, the better, but remember, they have to be from reputable websites.
  • Appropriate anchor text – Never try to scam visitors using the altered anchor text. Make sure the anchor text is connected to the target page.

Link building is a professional skill, and for this cause, you need to partner with an SEO specialist to get the job done professionally.

Google states 20% of mobile searches are voice, and ComScore foretells 50% of all searches by 2020 will be voice searches. The voice identification market is predicted to hit $601 million by 2019, according to a report by Sky-world. You have to begin optimising for voice search.

Voice Search Optimisation: Digital PR's new frontier - Ubermetrics

To do this, you should generate content that delivers direct answers to questions searchers are most suitable to ask on voice search. A recommended snippet directly increases clicks to your website, and more fruitful responses are returned for voice queries than for text queries. To leverage this SEO trend, utilise long-tail keywords, create new content with significant information, and make it easier for people to find you online.


SEO keeps growing and staying relevant on the internet platform. It is fundamental to always be on the prospect for developing techniques to boost your website.

So what are you waiting for? Try something new!

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